Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is the process of resolving civil disputes between private individuals, companies or other legal personalities. Our lawyers are well experienced in handling various forms of Civil litigation and we understand the importance of being cost-effective and results-oriented. Our lawyers have enough experience either to defend an action or bring one on your behalf either at the Court of Queen’s Bench or the small claims court or at the appellate courts.


Real Estate Law

As real estate attorneys, we specialize in matters related to property, from buying and selling to handling disputes between parties. The pressure and anxiety associated with purchasing a new home can be relieved by retaining the services of a lawyer who has the experience, knowledge and expertise in real estate law and who can guide you through the process in a timely and effective manner. Our lawyers are well groomed in this aspect as we offer a high level of skill and experience when dealing with real estate transactions such as drafting agreements, acting for clients in buying, selling, and refinancing Real Estate Transactions.


Business Law

Small and large companies trust us and our attorneys to provide high-quality, effective legal help and consultation as we tailor our legal advice based on your priorities and goals. We can find strategic solutions to your business law concerns as our years of experience with business clients from a variety of industry sectors means that you will receive the best advice and informed recommendations from us while your mind is kept at rest having left your worries in our hands.


Personal Injury

As personal injury lawyers, we help individuals who have sustained injuries in accidents to get financial compensation. Whether you or a family member has been injured due to a car accident or a slip-and-fall, we will advise you as to what your rights are under the law. Our legal advice and guidance will enable you to make informed decisions about your personal injury claim and drawing from our experience and expertise in dealing with injury claims, we will give you the requisite representation and offer you exceptional services in various areas of personal injury.


Immigration Law

With our lawyers, every immigration matters are professionally handled from work permit to all categories of visas. Our service is to make our clients have peace of mind while working closely with them to manage their goals, issues and expectations. It is our pledge never to mislead or misinform our clients and this has been our hallmark. We help our clients to draft applications that delivers their stories to immigration officers accurately, clearly and effectively.


Family Law

Our lawyers combine professionalism and quality with clear understanding of modern-day family realities and issues surrounding same. Is your issue about child and spousal support, child custody and access matters, matrimonial and family property division, separation and divorce? All these requires attention to detail, custom care and customized support and guidance tailored to provide you with family law services that fit your unique needs as we provide at Viewpoint Legal. We also provide independent legal advice and reviews of various agreements.


WIll & Estate

Our lawyers are very experienced in handling the unique challenges that death or incapacity brings, and it is appropriate to be adequately prepared for these challenges. Preparing for death or incapacity may not be your first priority, but as estate lawyers, we highly recommend that you address this in a timely manner. There are important decisions to made, and many factors to consider when administering an estate. We are here to help as our friendly staff gracefully answer all your questions and guide you every step of the way. Here at Viewpoint Legal, we work with our clients to ensure that their wills and estates are properly administered and executed as instructed to the letter.

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